Questions, Questions!

“I am a sophomore in college and beginning to have second thoughts on my degree choice. Is there something I can do to help understand my options?”

Yes! iWorkZone offers the Talent Selfie™, it’s a free assessment nd career path planning suite to answer questions you might have any time during your route to graduation. See your results compared to current, real-time jobs. Also, you can explore options for career paths suited to you and their specific educational requirements.

It’s your life – go with confidence!

“I  graduate next year. When I enrolled in this university, my major was in high demand. Is there a way I can learn more about how my skills and abilities play in today’s market?”

Of course! iWorkZone provides a no-cost, in-depth look into your unique self. Take 20 minutes to find out exactly where you FIT in today’s ever-changing global workplace. Unlike the exams you take in school, the Talent Selfie™ has no “right or wrong” answers.

Invest in yourself – enjoy your journey!

“I was approached at a recent job fair on campus, and the employer is wiling to help pay for my advanced degree. I’m not sure if I want to continue to stay in school. I am feeling burned out by all the tests. Can I find out what opportunities are out there for me right now?”

Definitely! Our career planning and Talent Selfie™ will give you clarity to see multiple options for your education and ultimate career. With the latest government jobs information at your fingertips, you can explore various career options dependent on educational requirements.

Make wise choices – visualize your future!